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I am currently an LVN student with intentions of bridging to an RN program someday. This question is to the experienced nurses. What, in your opinions, are the main differences between LVNs/LPNs... Read More

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    The biggest difference is the critical thinking skills, evaluating the vitals you take compared to the patients condition and what needs to be done. Also evaluating lab results and x-ray results. How to explain to the patient and family what is going on and what might happen. How to tell the nurse aids what is going on and what to expect and most of all...what to say to family and patient as these things happen. You become the leader in the patient care, the doctor relies on your assessment and knowledge on when to call them and what to say to family and how to work with the other staff.
    Though you are right, that is also what I do. And I understand what I am doing. So, though you are correct in saying the RN does have these duties, so do many LPNs.
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    "Oh well, I suppose no matter what one wrights, someone else will surely misunderstand it"

    First: ............my previous post wasn't directed towards your posted comment .......don't know how it got mixed up with your thread soooooooo do not personalize what was not meant personally towards you in that post.

    However....The rest of this post relates to your previous thread and comments.

    "Yes, the scope has increased in some areas for the LPN since I graduated in 1977, but in other areas, it has decreased as the push for BSN entry level continues."

    Second: That's too bad that your professional organization has allowed that loss in scope.....in Canada LPN's have unions ie:cupe / SEIU that have fought and lost few but won many such battles through grienvances on individual and organizational platforms. I am proud to say that our sister organization of LPN nurses here in canada is fighting for their rights and I hope they continue to win and move forward as the RN profession is currently doing and will continue to do.

    "We are talking only about LPNs who have taken upon themselves to continue learning, without the benefit of college credits and a method of allowing them certification or something to further their career as an LPN."

    Third: of course they should take it upon themselves to continue learning, my word what profession are we in again, oh yeah we deal with life and death situations, where what we learned in school could be irrelevant the next year! it would be irresponsible of a professional ie: RN LPN MD ect ect not to keep current within their profession and on current health trends.

    RN and proud, peace
    Please accept my apologies, as I said in my first sentence, I don't know if this is directed at my post....
    Again, I apologize so please calm down.
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    LVN and LPN are the exact same liscense, ones vocational and ones practical, it just depends the state your in on which title you have, I believe texas is the only state that calls an LPN an LVN.......... no difference in the two at all.

    California is LVN too. I believe the east coast and midwest are LPN. Oh and some of the south.
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    This is calm for me hehehehe. Type A all the way!