difference between cna and sec/tech

  1. i called my local nicu just to see the requirements for hiring in the nicu (caromont healthcare in gastonia nc) if they use any cnas or if they only use rns. she told me you have to be a sec/tech and that they only use cnas in in the birthplace (healthy born babies). i have been a cna since 2002...and i have applied for positions in the past for unit secretary and got it. but she was acting like a sec/tech is something specialized. can someone tell me what is the difference if any.
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  3. by   soxgirl2008
    I know at the hospital I work at "techs" are just their term for CNA. Same thing, same certification. I know for some positions they want you cross trained as a unit secretary and a CNA, so that might be all it means.
  4. by   bs98241
    how can you be cross trained without working there first? so r u saying id have to work in another area first and let them train me before the nicu would view me as a sec/tech?
  5. by   soxgirl2008
    I'm not sure it depends on their policy....You said you've applied for unit secretary positions and gotten them correct? Did you actually work as a unit secretary? If you did I think you would already qualify as being trained in both...
  6. by   bs98241
    i didnt take the position but i was confused as to how i could get that position as a unit sec in regular icu but not in nicu... if its all supposed to be the same! but like you said i guess its just different policies... but how can i ever be trained as a sec/tech at this hospital if you have to be a sec/tech to begin with!
  7. by   nurse.sandi
    Maybe you could look online at the specific requirements for the job. It should be stated in the job description.
  8. by   nurse.sandi
    Try asking the manager of the unit or call human resources. Sometimes people want to help and tell you their opinion which may not be true.
  9. by   DebblesRN
    I work in a newborn nursery with a level II NICU, and we have secretaries (we call them techretaries--LOL). They have to be CNAs, but their major responsibility is to work the desk--enter orders, make charts, stock the unit, answer the door and phone, etc.

    They do some vitals, feed and change babies, take babies out to mother or bring them back to nursery. Some will do blood sugar checks. Some will do the first bath.

    They do NO patient care with our NICU babies at all.

    I am sure that is why she was saying secretary. If you are familiar with your hospital's order entry system, and don't mind learning how to enter new orders or learning the handwriting of new doctors, or some of the lingo associated with neonatal care, then I don't see why you couldn't do it. Just keep in mind that you won't get to do all the neat sterile procedures, assist with line insertions, dressing changes, drawing blood, etc that you will get to do in adult care.