Did you get sick a lot in the beginning?

  1. I've been a nurse for about three years, but just finished my first year in the hospital. I have gotten sick to the point of calling out three or four times this year, and I'm contemplating calling out again tonight, because I sound and feel absolutely disgusting, with body aches, chills, coughing, etc. I have never been sick this often before in my life! I hate calling out this much, but I am not about bringing my grime and germs in to share with everyone. Did anyone else get sick more often than usual starting out? It was a challenging year, stress-wise, at work and personally, and I'm on night shift, so maybe my whole body is just bit more vulnerable right now? So frustrating.
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  3. by   saskrn
    The last time I had an experience like this, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

    Feel better!
  4. by   NightNerd
    Comforting, lol! But gosh, that sucks, I'm sorry to hear that. =/
  5. by   ChryssyD
    First thing, night shift often=sleep deprivation, which lowers your resistance to disease. Second, exposure to multiple germs can lead to multiple illnesses. So, yes, it's entirely possible that your job is hazardous to your health; that's nursing.

    Get plenty of sleep, take a multivitamin, and eat a healthy diet. If you continue to get sick all the time, please see your doctor. You should be developing some immunity to common germs soon. If you're not, your doctor needs to check you out.

    Hang in there!