Did I make the right decision???

  1. Hey guys! I am just getting ready to begin nursing school and I have a question I was hoping I could get some feed back on. How did you know you would be a good nurse? How did you know the nursing field was for you? I am just worried I am not going to be any good (I don't want to kill anyone!) Any advice??? I am starting to get nervous if I made the right decision or not. :uhoh21:

    Thanks sooo much
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  3. by   NJRNin06
    I really feel that nursing picks you, not that you pick nursing. You have to want it, and when all of your hard work starts paying off:you pass your pre-reqs, take the entrance exams and actually start your education in nursing, you'll know if this is what you want in life. As far as being a nurse, Id like to ask why you're afraid of not being a good one? No one is expected to know everything, and thats why there are resources available for nurses. Your houghts are normal... all of my fellow classmates stress that we're afraid to hurt a client (or kill them!) but making sure you know what you're expected to know in school will prevent that from happening. Best of luck, I hope whatever you choose to do makes you happy