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Just wondering, since it was April 28th, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from pfitz1079
    Our units, generally speaking, are not unsafe for us. We've been trained to recognized hazards and take precautions that keep us safe. Most school-age children, however, have not. Therefore, bringing them into such an environment presents a danger to them. [In my book, that means those who did are bad parents.]

    I'll go to career day. I figure the worst that can happen to me is having to explain to the kindergarten that I'm not a doctor, and men can be nurses.

    Pete Fitzpatrick

    Obviously there are illnesses, diseases, and hazards. It's not like they set them loose to run wild into hazardous conditions. But I won't get defensive, as I don't have kids. There were quite a few kids here, in the kitchen, housekeeping, even the supervisor escorted a staffers kid throughout the hospital. They seemed to be strictly supersvised, and I know the girls on my unit had a tight rein around them.

    I'll just disagree with you and leave it at that.