Dialysis nurses- Can I get your advice/ opinion?

  1. I have received 2 job offers and am undecided which one to take. The first one is at a LTC/rehab facility. I have years of expereince in that kind of nursing. The place seems pretty decent, per diem hours.

    The second offer is at a free-standing dialysis clinic. Five 8 hr shifts, q o Saturday required. I have no dialysis experience whatsoever. The director tells me there is 6 weeks of on-the-job training, films and book-work before I would be on the dialysis floor. Then, I would be buddied-up w/ a tech, start w/ one or two pts, and go to a full load from there. At this facility, the nurses actually do the dialysis right along-side the techs. Plus, the nurses do care-plans, give meds, assessments, call docs, call social work, make appts for pts, etc. The director told me up front that the job is "very busy, sometimes very much so, and labor intensive."

    However, she seemed like a really nice, easy-going person. I got a postive feeling from her and the other employees I was introduced to at the interview.

    Dialysis nurses- Does the 6 weeks training orientation sound like a good amount of training to you?
    What do you like and dislike about dialysis? What do I need to watch out for?

    I'd prefer the per diem hours of the LTC place, but I am intrigued at the possibility of learning new skills (dialysis) and the postive vibe of the dialysis place.

    I would really appreciate any words of advice or opinions you'd care to share.
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    When our hospital decided that the ICU nurses were going to do our own dialysis treatments, we had a six week orientation at the free standing clinic our hospital owned. It seemed to be adequate. Even when you have finished your training, there will be other more experienced nurses there to serve as resource persons until you feel comfortable. Good Luck
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    I worked dialysis as a Tech 7 years ago. I LOVED it. and It's what made me decide to be a nurse. I "think" my training lasted about 2 weeks but then again i was just a tech.. The nurses were WONDERFUL and getting to know the patients was great also.