1. I have been interested in hemo dialysis, is it a difficult specialty to learn and what is the stress level? I want to quit my current position in corrections to become a full-time traveler in dialysis but I'm afraid of taking the big leap into a career change. There are no local dialysis centers near me. Thank you for any advice.

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  3. by   renerian
    Is there a hemo department at a hospital near you? Alot of the traveling companies want 1 to 2 years in dialysis before you can travel.


  4. by   jnette
    trvl RN... please feel free to browse the Renal/Dialysis forum ! You will get all the input you need !
  5. by   ainz
    I worked in an outpatient dialysis center for 2 years. I found the work very "physical" due to the number of patients we had that were lower extremity amputees and others who were just so sick that they required wheelchairs and transfer assistance.

    It is also somewhat "dirty" work in that you are dealing with lots of fluid and blood in relatively large volumes under pressure moving fairly fast. There is potential to kill the patient if you don't handle the machine and access properly. There is high risk of blood sprays, spatters, and other fluids.

    But if you really like to get to know your patients and develop an indepth nurse-patient relationship with them, this is a great place to practice nursing. Even with travelling, you have your patients there for 4 hours, that is in the outpatient setting. If you are going to do acute dialysis in the hospital setting, most are pretty sick.

    I also think you have to have some experience before you can travel and do dialysis.