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If there is anyone with any advice PLEASE advise me. I am currently in my last semester of school with a solid B. My last available to withdraw from school is October 13. If I withdraw now there is... Read More

  1. by   chuchie
    Just out of those companies that offer package deals to get government assistance really work? Anyone out there have any sucess with them?
  2. by   chuchie
    Quote from patricelynne
    Hi There---this idea may be of help; see what you can find at these websites:,,,, There IS free money out there and you can go after it. The social worker at any hospital can assist you with applying for welfare if you decide to go that way. Laurie Blum's website is quite useful, too. She's written books on free monies for just about anything you could imagine---even rent, utilities etc. Don't give up if you really love this profession. No matter how the world goes, politics etc., we will always need you if you're a nurse. You can't beat marketability like that w/ a stick! Talk to any college grad who can't get hired because he/she doesn't know how to DO anything society needs. And as Joseph Campbell wrote "Follow your bliss!"
    Just out of those companies that offer package deals to get you government assistance actually work? Anyone out there have any success with them?
  3. by   chuchie
    Whoops! Sorry for the double post! I tried to edit, know how it goes. :crash_com
  4. by   redwinggirlie
    I don't know where you live, but where I work we have live-in's and all they need to give back for their room and board is 15 hours per week to help the deaf and blind students get ready for school.
    Perhaps there is a residential school program near you that would help you with a place to stay and more than crackers to eat.
    I'd stay with school if at all possible.
    Best of luck to you.
  5. by   corvette1973
    If you have a strong B average, then your program is going to do whatever it can to keep you. Go to student aid, go to your Dean of Students, go to the nursing instructor that you like the best, go to the program director of the nursing program. I'd sleep in the library before I'd withdraw with only one semester to go! Get welfare: you don't have a job, so you will qualify. Get a job at McDonalds. Is there a YWCA around? Show them the information & they may allow you to stay & do work around there. Homeless shelters can help you too. You can always work at the college too: there's usually a position in the cafeteria that needs to be filled & lots of times they let you eat for free. Look on the bulletin board & see if someone is looking for a roommate. Maybe a nursing school student will let you move in with them. How about your friends in nursing school? You'll make it: it's only 12 weeks to the finish line!!!
  6. by   Litenurse2b
    Hey Desperate!
    I'm deserate too. Really, I just posted as such. I'm single, older, no kids or anything. But I do have those financial woes. I am seriously considering a roommate. Has anybody ever tried that? Like I said, "I'm getting really worried. Gotta come up with something.

  7. by   bigsyis
    Have you talked to your local United Way? They may be able to give you some direction/advice about housing and food, or point you in the direction of a local church or group that may be able to provide assistance.
    Also, have you talked with your Clinical Instructors and/or your College Advisor? If you are doing well in school they know what your study and work ethics are, better than anyone. Perhaps they can be of assistance? As bad as things may seem, you likely aren't the first student that they have seen in financial straits.
    God bless your classmate for loaning you money. You should try to eat at least one substantial meal a day, if at all possible. Most brands of Ramen noodles have about 10 grams of protein in them, and some places you can get them for about 9-14 cents a pack.
    Take care!