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I am so sick of being a nurse at this point I am ready to quit. It seems like every single day for the past month, someone somewhere out there has gone to complain about me. Actually it has only... Read More

  1. by   SOONERFAN
    our job is so terribly thankless and taken for granted. it's sad that nobody even stuck up for you...hang in there. there are plenty of jobs to be found, you shouldn't be treated that way. once i had a supervisor and she would do things just to spite the staff, like make us stay until the very last second on the timeclock and stock the supplies, clean things. we had an enclosed nurses station away from patients rooms and she would turn off our radio(that would play softly) and i'd turn it on, and she'd turn it off. i'd take pictures of us at christmas and birthdays and put them up on a bulletin board in this nurses station and she'd take them down and throw them away and i'd put more up. she always reminded us of what we weren't doing, but never thanked us for what good we were doing. what a witch she was. i stayed out of loyalty for 4 years then i said peace out!!!! :hatparty: : so get a massage, watch "thelma and louise" and get fired up. you don't have to take that %$#@!*& from anyone especially not suckers...take care.......
  2. by   abrenrn
    Hi guys,

    I'm browsing through various threads, looking for people who feel disturbed by some of what they have found working as nurses.

    I find a lot of people saying the same things - in different places. I think it might help if we started saying these things in the same place. What things? For me they are: I love nursing, I am a good nurse, I can't find an employer that wants to hire or keep a good nurse.

    For those who feel similarly, I have tried to start a single thread with a poll, "Have you considered taking a sabbatical?" I invite everyone to vote. I also invite everyone to participate in a debate: is there something wrong? if so, what is it? is there a way to fix it?

    I started the thread and added one "rule": a healthy debate is welcome; disagreements that lead to bickering, scolding, excusing is not. I ask that others opinions be respected - i.e. no one is wrong for having an opinion, no opinion is stupid (or if it is, don't say it). It is OK to say what your opinion is, why and how it is different from someone elses.

    Of course, I can not enforce this rule. I do not have the authority. I merely ask that it be followed.

    Sometimes I am so emotionally involved with something, I can't disagree without blaming. I am learning to stay quiet until I can say something without blaming. I sometimes make mistakes. When I do, I welcome corrections, I don't like being scolded though.

    If you feel you cannot participate, please vote.

    Thank you all.