Dependency in Nursing?

  1. Does this still exist with the strict protocols in counting and recounting controlled meds? My DH read a recent article in the paper that it still is a problem in our area and he's a little freaked out.
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  3. by   c.wicks
    Among practicing nurses, estimates of nurses who are chemically dependent range from10% to 20%. Nurses today have a 50% higher rate of chemical dependency than the general population.

    This information is available in Journal of Psychosocial Nursing ,34(7):13.
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    I know of one nurse who got popped for not giving her patients their pain meds after removing them from them PIXIS and charting that she did. The patients in this case were usually unable to communicate due to sedation, intubation, etc. Isn't that one of the saddest and most horrifying things you've ever heard?

    She didn't lose her license but she was taken out of direct patient care and required by the BRN and hospital to go into rehab. She found a different job in telephone triaging and is still in rehab.

  6. by   MPHkatie
    I've worked ER for 4 or so years. three different ER's In ALL, we had nurses who were actually terminated for major drug diversion. In some patient care areas it is extremely difficult to divert, but in others (ER, ICU) it can be extremely easy. I was always rather suprised at who was diverting....
    My Manager wishes he could do random drug testing, and I actually agree with this policy. If we can randomly test football players, why should we not be randomly testing nurses? I know its a right to privacy, but we literally have people's lives in our hands....
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