DePaul Hospital School of Nursing: anyone know how to contact?

  1. Hello: My nursing school closed many years ago--does anyone have the address of DePaul Hospital School of Nursing in St. Louis, MO? I need to get licensed in another state, and they require education confirmation. Can 't find my alumni newsletters that would have the information.

    Thank you!!!!
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I did a few internet searches and this is what I found. I'm not sure if this helps any, but I gave it a shot.

    DePaul Medical Center
    Opened: 1893 Closed: 1998
    Notes: Other names DePaul Hospital; St. Vincent DePaul Hospital

    DePaul Health Center
    12303 DePaul Dr
    St Louis, MO 63044-2588

    DePaul University Dept of Nursing
    In Chicago
  4. by   P_RN
    Mine closed in the 80s. All I had to do was ask my State BON for a letter stating they approved it during the time it was functional.

    Do you have a license in your state? Your BON could surely provide you with confirmation of status.
  5. by   P_RN
    Here are some email addresses for the board of health professions in MO

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