Delegation and supervision problems

  1. I am wondering if anyone has had problems delegating to LPN's or UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel such as CNA's, tech's, etc). I am doing a teaching project for my senior thesis and need some stories from veteran nurses who have experienced problems with staff members under your supervision. What happened? Who were you delegating too? Thanks!
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  3. by   dana d
    Most people don't like to be told what to do, that's not new. The problem is when people don't know their job description and administration does not enforce it. I have also found alot of problems exsit when there is a lack of respect and also in how the deligating RN instructs. Because I have found little support with administration, I play staff nurse. We have PCT in our ED, no license or college credits to stand on. But they are the first to complain when they have to take a patient to X-Ray. "Why can't the nurse" I am so tired of hearing that. I need what few RN's I have to stay in the department and do assessments, meds, codes, traumas (get the picture) but some people just don't get it. Some nurses will take the patient over so they don't have to hear the tech complain. But the problems is directly related to our manager, who does not work on the floor. Hence, she does not understand any problems. Actually she has said, she does not want to be bothered with such trivial things. So most of us have given up. Good luck with your thesis.