Defibrilated a patient for the first time....

  1. So I go out to a code the other night, and the guy is asystole, but after several minutes of doing compressions we have a shockable rhythm, and wouldn't you know it....the hands free defib pads aren't working for some reason. So since I was the one doing compressions I'm in the perfect spot for using the paddles, and I must not have hit the orange conduction pads squarely and I burned the guy a little bit. Couldn't see the burn, but you could sure smell it. I feel really bad about that. Isn't it weird how even when we do what's best for a patient in a critical situation and a little mistake happens, we feel horrible for the little mistake and lose sight of the big picture? Like not being able to see the forrest for the trees I guess.....

    Anyway, has anybody else ever had that happen, or am I like the only moron to ever do this?
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  3. by   rollingstone
    Congratulations on a successful defib. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  4. by   Mike RGN
    Did it on a bloke in a string vest once, left a great pattern.

    He survived and saw the funny side, especially when his grand kids wanted to play Noughts and crosses(Tic Tack Toe) :chuckle