decreased cardiac output goal

  1. Need help with long term goal for decreased cardiac output.

    for my short term goal i have
    ]maintain BP, pulses (esp peripheral pulses), respirations, and lung sounds WNL by end of shift.
    ]but i dont have anything for my long term goal ....
    ]any help??
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    for a long term goal, i would want my pt to demonstrate adequate knowledge about their disease process...
    whether the etiology is r/t cardiac, pulmonary, electrolytes, meds, etc., a pt that is knowledgeable is one who will manage their condition competently.

    along with vs being wnl, you may want to see pink skin, clear chest, no/minimal edema, balanced lytes (and i&o's)...however it relates to your pt, there are other signs that tell us all is well...
    or at least, better.

    good luck, lilly.

  4. by   scootertrash nurse
    decreased sob able to ambulate ? ft with out becomming sob decreased edema monitor weight gain fluid restriction