Dealing with stress of being a nurse

  1. I'm currently a nurse at an American school in Europe, but lately I've been wondering if I can continue as a nurse. How do you deal with being there for everyone else all the time, and yet no one ever seems to care about how YOU are?
    Are there good discussion groups or something on the Web where I can write or chat with nurses who face/have faced similar issues.
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  3. by   mustangsheba
    You just come right back here, Honey, and you will have thousands of nurses commiserating with you. Realistically, while you are at work anywhere, you will rarely find nurturing for your self, although your co-workers should be supportive. When I was a fledgling nurse, I tried to meet with other nurses away from the hospital after work or for lunch on days off to talk and cry and swear. Are you the only nurse at this school? Tell me more. I was a camp nurse once, and I felt very isolated because nobody else understood where I was coming from. They were constantly trying to get me to do things that would jeorpardize my license just because they didn't understand. Are you having any of those problems? Don't give up nursing because of a particular job. Try a different job before you make a decision like that. If you have been following these posts, you know there is a shortage of nurses right now.
    Europe is big place - where are you?