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Well I know you all hate when people ask you all kinds of medical questions esp on your days off but I really need some opinions-Please help..My daughter is four yrs old and yesterday I noticed a... Read More

  1. by   OneChattyNurse
    Just something to think about...I am 31 and still have a swollen/scarred lymph node from repeated bronchitis as a child. When I noticed it as a teen (I was not sick at the time) I was very worried. After going to the Doctor...I was told it was just scar tissue from repeated infections. I am not saying this is the DX of your daughter, but I thought I would share.

  2. by   OneChattyNurse
    GREAT!!!!!!! I am very happy you received good news!!
    Best wishes to you and your daughter!!

  3. by   lvnmom
    Hmm...........Something to definetly think about-Thanks!She has had RSV as a baby(11 months)and now has Asthma.She also has had bronchiolitis a few times.I will definetly monitor her and keep an eye on it.You could say we are a little over protective of her.She is our little miracle baby-weighing in at birth at only 2lbs.15 oz,that was 4 yrs ago and she has never had any problems as a result of her birth weight-Thank god!!
  4. by   kids
    Glad it is 'nothing'. I think as nurses we all tend to imagine the worst at times.

  5. by   Zee_RN
    I know how you feel! One day shortly after graduation I came home from working 3-11 to find a note from husband saying one of our daughters had "lumps in her neck." I went straight-away to my sleeping child and felt nearly grape-size lumps on her neck, behind her ears (post-cervical lymph nodes). I PANICKED, cried all night thinking she had Hodgkins disease (but managed NOT to call the doc until the very first second of call-in time). He checked her out and said, "Eh, it's nothing but swollen lymph nodes." She had them for the LONGEST time. But never any sign of sickness, nor were they tender. I could feel them periodically. Now she's 12 and finally, I don't feel them anymore. But they were there, on and off (mostly on) for a few years!

    I'm so happy that everything turned out good for you and your daughter! So many things to scare us out there...