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About 11 years ago a good friend of mine, who worked ICU, developed leukemia. While performing as a case manager about, six years ago, when getting reviews I talked to several case managers in the... Read More

  1. by   dianah
    Did a search for "elfs cancer link" and found many references addressing the question of any link between magnetic fields (proximity to ) and cancer clusters (including cell phones, etc). Try a search and read up on what's going on. THE NEW YORKER magazine ran a three-part series a few years ago, an intense set of articles probing the magnetic fields/cancer link issue . . . I also read another, more recent article in same mag that revealed the complexities involved in trying to identify 1) a true cancer cluster and 2) its cause. Many, many questions to be answered on that flow sheet, if you will.

    As for the radiation question, may I remind everyone who is exposed to X-rays @ work: TIME, DISTANCE, SHIELDING!!! Reducing the time exposed to the rays, increasing your distance from them as much as possible, and using proper shielding whenever possible, will reduce exposure to them and risks from them. There is so much we don't understand/know about how cancer develops, who is at risk, and from what?? It behooves all of us to minimize the known risks as much as possible (and sometimes intuition can alert us to unknown/unrecognized risks, ones the "experts" pooh-pooh, IMHO).

    Eat well (eat yer veggies!!), drink lots of water, be happy, exercise, do things you like doing, pray (or whatever you do to elevate your mind), stay away from BAD.
    . . . the encouraging words from all these BB'ers help lots, too! Thx to all!--- Diana