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  1. Good day all,

    I have a need for some advice from all of you professionals. Can anyone tell me a bita bout travel nursing? Not so much what it is, but whether it is a worthwhile thing to do.
    I have always been a wanderer, and love to take road trips and visit new places. From what I am able to see so far, travel nursing would fit the bill perfectly.
    I have read up on the pay, free housing, seeing new places, etc...., but I also wonder if it will help my career in the long run. My goal is to work in Emergency/Trauma, and hopefully get on flight status. I have researched a number of well known hospitals that I would like to spend time working at in order to get the experience, but I wonder if all of the traveling would look good on a resume.
    Does anyone out there have experience as a traveling nurse? Maybe work with one? It is going to be a bit before I am out of school and into the field, but I am trying to get things in order now so I have things in line and ready to go.
    I would appreciate any input.
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  3. by   live4today
    Hello VBMEDIC

    I am a former traveling nurse who loved being one so much that I am considering doing traveling nursing again sometime next year.
    It's not for everybody, but if you love traveling, you just may enjoy it too.