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  1. by   Saifudin
    I think this depends on the locality and the people living in it. Generally, staff get to know various ethnic, cultural and religious needs. Often times you will find employees with the same lifestyles so they become a good resource. In NYC for example, where I am from, so many cultures are represented that staff, at least in my experience are use to a pretty wide variety of things.

    In areas where someones beliefs are unique to the community, they need to speak up if able but if feeling shy or uncomfortable to do so, I think we should take it upon ourselves to ask if there are any diet preferences, medication concerns, etc. But, I would never think to ask a gypsy if they need dirt under the bed. By the way, what does a gypsy look like?

    When I was in NP practice and as a Muslim, one of our team physicians would call me about questions related to Muslims and medications. For example, a patient was fasting and was asthmatic. The doc wanted to know if the patient could use an inhaler. (Yes, you can). Sometimes, even patients don't know for sure or have wrong information.

    But, I agree that it would become to difficult to know very esoteric beliefs.