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I recently asked for a day off 2 days in advance because my doctor had scheduled me for a CT scan. I work 12 hour night shifts in LTC. The scan was for the middle of the afternoon, and being... Read More

  1. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    I totally agree that night shift gets shafted on everything, especially when you are trying to get off for whatever. Last August I returned to my old hospital and took a night shift position and was reassured by many that they would work with me and my schedule (I'm in grad school to become an NP). Well, trying to stay awake in class on 3 hours sleep just didn't work so I ended up going per diem and now have total control over my schedule. But I empathize with all you night owls, as I did 3 years of nights when I started out. Just don't ever feel guilty if you need time all deserve to have a life, just like those of us who work days!
  2. by   st4304
    I use to work 12-hr night shifts for several years. Get this -- one year our manager posted an empty schedule 2 months before Christmas and stated that whoever's turn it was to work Xmas should sign up for what shift they wanted to work. Of course this was posted during the day, so when I show up that night, all of the day shift nurses had put themselves down for the Xmas Eve/night shift and left the Xmas Day shifts for the regularly scheduled night nurses!!! Of course they were thinking they would work that night, and then have Xmas morning and day to spend with their families. The next morning after my shift, all of the night shift nurses waited for our manager to show up and we just nailed her. She then changed the schedule, but you should have heard the day shift nurses b*tch.

    Once after a particularly LONG 12-hour night shift, my manager had me scheduled to take an 8-hr computer class. I managed to stay awake for the whole class, but I was such a zombie!!! To this day, I still screw up putting orders and stuff into the computer. The unit secty's actually throw their bodies over their computers to protect them from me whenever I get too close!

    I have worked day shift for 3 yrs now, and one thing I NEVER do is come in late. I get report, let the night shift nurse leave, THEN I get my coffee (or see patients, whichever is more urgent -- usually the coffee!) That was a pet peeve for me - the one day shift nurse who was always coming in late and then getting coffee or something before sitting down for report.

    Thanks for letting me vent! Peace!