CRNA job satisfaction

  1. I would appreciate if any CRNAs, SRNAs, or nurses who know CRNAs would comment on CRNA working conditions and job satisfaction. I am an RN who is strongly considering becoming a CRNA. I previously posted this topic in the CRNA forum but received no responses. My personal research seems to indicate that, although this is a high responsibility/high stress profession, job satisfaction is high and working conditions are much better than those that direct care RNs experience. However, I have only talked to a few people, and most of the web posts I have read focus exclusively on the high salaries that CRNAs enjoy. When I read such posts I find myself wondering if the writer is willing to tolerate poor conditions as long as the pay is good. I would also appreciate any comments that address the issue of whether being a CRNA is a good career for an older nurse who prefers to remain in direct care. I am 35 years old. I have seen posts on this board from older nurses and injured nurses which highlight how risky and difficult it can be to remain in direct acute care throughout your career. I am aware of the committment that a CRNA master's program demands, so I want to be sure that I would be training myself for a specialty I could pursue until I retired.
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    I think this is the link you have been looking for.

    I am sure you can get most of your questions answered here.
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    Thanks Wildtime! I have checked out this site. I'm hoping someone will give me an unofficial, inside view.