Crescentic Glomerulonephritis

  1. i need help! i need to know some possible nursing diagnosis for crescentic glomerulonephritis............. need it asap.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hello, kammo_82, and welcome to allnurses!

    you are asking an improper question. it is like a doctor asking i need to know some possible medical diagnoses for a patient who has acute pain. in order to diagnose anyone you must know what their signs and symptoms are because each patient is unique. in order for anyone to give you any suggestions for nursing diagnoses we need to know what your patient's signs and symptoms are.

    you can find out information about crescentic glomerulonephritis from among the weblinks posted on this thread in the student nurses area of allnurses:
    as a nursing student you will get a better response to your questions if you post them on either the nursing student assistance forum or the general nursing student discussion forum. you can get to these forums on allnurses by clicking on the "students" tab at the top of any page of allnurses that you happen to be on.