cost of replacing a nurse

  1. I am doing a paper for my class on the cost of replacing a nurse that quits your area. does anyone have any ideas or links that I could get this info on. I have been searching the web but am not the handiest at using the web.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Considering that most orientation is done at full salary I believe that 6 weeks of salary would be the starting point. Add to that any extra classes that would be required for specialty areas.

    The nurses who move on are usually at a higher salary than a new hire. So you'd need to discount the lost salary by the new hire salary.

    Several years ago when I was precepting the "cost" of a lost new hire who had worked for 3 months was approximately $10,000.
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    Wow. Imagine if they put that $10,000 into each employee as a retention incentive? Could be better pension, health care, more days off, ect...