corneal transplant post op care for 12 year old

  1. a friends son will be having his third attempt of corneal transplant ( he had congenital corneal hypertrophy) the two previous ones has been unsuccessful and had infections from it. they need hints on post op care...can anyboby share idea...please help.
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  3. by   purplemania
    I hope the surgeon will provide detailed instructions. FREQUENT handwashing and keeping hands away from face is vital. Do not touch the tip of the medication bottle on ANYTHING, including the eyeball. Let the medication drop onto the eye surface. The eye needs to stay clean and moist. Do not wipe the eye area with anything that is not clean (sterile 2x2's are nice to have around). Never apply any pressure, just dab at tears. No serious coughing, noseblowing or sneezing or holding your breath. All of these create pressure (won't give an infection though). Wearing glasses or sunglasses is a good way to protect the eye from dust, etc. Hope this helps some.