continuous oral contraceptive use?

  1. Please pardon this post, but I'm just a nursing student whose husband has been out of town for a while and is planning a quick trip back home during Mem Day weekend before traveling again...and, you guessed it, it just happens to coincide with that last row of placebo pills!

    My question is that I know you can skip the placebo pills and just go straight to the next pack to avoid menstruating, but does this work with all types of BCPs (I'm on Tri-Levlens)? Thanks in advance for any assistance... I'd ask my doc, but I use a military treatment facility and often find it difficult to get answers over the phone...
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Hi -

    I just happen to be here when you post, and I thought I'd stick my 2cents worth in. Probably the quickest and easiest way to get a good answer would be to call either your GYNs office, or talk with your pharmacist.

    I know that what you're describing worked perfectly well with the older bcp's... But no matter what everybody on this board answers, you'd probably want to talk with the doc or pharmacist (maybe both) anyway, woudln't you?

    BTW, have a great time with hubster!


  4. by   nursenatalie
    I agree...dont take anyone's advice but your doctors. Don't be reluctant to ask him because it is likely that it will be okay. Just better to be safe than sorry!