Continuing Education

  1. I am interested in hearing from other RN's who utilize online continuing education courses. Has anyone tried World Wide Learn? This is their link I would like to do some classes at my convenience. So I would love to hear from other RN's on how they fill this need in their professional life.
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  3. by   jahra
    I use Nursing Education of America and Western Schools.
    The courses usually come with a book you keep, so I usually
    mail in the test. I believe both these companies offer online as

    I just discovered you can earn CEUs on line from a government site
    for alternative health. Here's the link-

    Good luck!
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  4. by   purplemania
    The CDC sometimes offers contact hours, as do many manufacturers of medications and equipment. Our facility subscribes to an online service so that every discipline in the hospital requiring continuing education can access what they need free of charge..