Considering RN position on PACT team

  1. to anyone who has been involved with a pact team -

    i'd really appreciate any feedback, comments or experiences you can share.
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  3. by   nrsang97
    Please pardon my ignorence, but what does PACT stand for?
  4. by   nancynjnurse
    your question is not ignorant!

    pact stands for program of assertive community treatment.

    for more info go to
  5. by   lkmrn123

    This PACT Team (called a Teamlet) consists of two primary care providers and their staff, which includes one patient services assistant (PSA), one registered nurse (RN), and one licensed practical nurse (LPN). The PACT is responsible for providing for all of a patient’s health care needs or appropriately coordinating care with other qualified professionals. Each PACT Teamlet is a highly functional team led by a provider, working collaboratively with the patient on the patient’s goals and needs to provide enhanced access to quality care that is whole-person oriented.
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  6. by   lkmrn123
    BTW the VA's are hiring for these postions all over the US. More and more active duty are returning from war and also retiring. I just accepted a very well compensated positon at the VA. You have to be expereinced but it appears to have great potential, especially if you like direct patient contact. No holidays/weekends/on-call, straight days (flexishift) and I have worked with the VA before, very appreciative group of patients.