1. The language barrier has make nursing difficulty in some countries where english is their second or last language in the world. Anyway, am in the different country, don't know their language but am working here.
    Well, the government wanted to improve the quality of care to the patients and the nursing heads wanted to formulate a model nursing care. Now , some suggest holistic nursing, because this country is more into traditional(herbal)medicine. But when holistic was translated into their national language, it came out as total nursing care and they called it total nursing care, but some called it holistic nursing care.
    Well, good nurses, tell me is it okay to call this model nursing, holistic and /or total nursing care?
    They don't have the holistic and total nursing care literature.
    Wow! Got to help out here...and correct me as well.
    Iam sweating. phew!! so hot in here!!
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  3. by   debbyed
    I have to wonder...Have you been drinking water you're not supposed to because you have me completely and utterly confused Course it could be I just got home from work and my last brain cell is fried

    I hope someone has an answer for you. What language(s) are you concerned with?
  4. by   jayna
    Debbyed, i've been drinking water, like gallons and gallons a day..It's a hot country ......and geographically speaking those in the equatorial regional are not english speaking.

    I'm in southeast asia....viet nam...

    Well, someone help out here ..