confused... help~

  1. how hard is it to get accpeted to suny stony brook university nursing school?
    i heard only 32 out of 300s get accepted... is that true?
    does anyone in here goes to sb for nursing?
    arkkkkkk i have to take summer classes to finish the requirements for upper-division nursing (junior&senior year) program.
    should i take it or is it waste of time?
    i need to graduate in 4 years............... maybe i should major in somethin else like psychology.
    i have 3 more yrs w/o going to summer school to meet the requirements to graduate w/ BS degree
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  3. by   P_RN

    According to this site each applicant is reviewed separately. No one but you can make the final decision about Nursing School. You either want to be a nurse or you don't.

    Why is it mandatory to finish in 4 years? I went 11 years from start to finish. One thing else is you could make application to different universities and NY campuses to cover your bases if
    Sunnybrook does not choose you.

    Regardless, good luck in getting exactly what you want.
  4. by   Katnip
    An undergrad degree in psychology won't get you much either. To practice as a councelor, therapist, you'll have to go to grad school.