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  1. I only have my clinicals to take and i don't know if i should. I freak when I think about the possibility of getting aids, hepatits, or whatever else you can get. Also, I know i don't want to work with sick people because it is very depressing. There are other areas such as educating or labor and delivering were your bringing in new life rather than watching life suffer or die, couldn't handle that. They all say you have to find your ninche and mine is on the healthy side of nursing. What about being an educator like teaching new moms about how to care for themeelves and their newborns. What about labor and delivery? So I have two issues the disease thing, i want to work somewere were the possibility of being infected would be minimal and a area were it would be happy life and not depression. Since I have these feelings does it mean I'm discovering my niche or that nursing isn't for me. This fall I will be certified nursing assistant and will be working on the birthing center floor, i hope i'm making the right decision. I think I might just go ahead and finish my degree and get clinicals over, there is so much to go into and do with a nursing degree beside nursing, am I right on this? I already have a biology degree and have been a technician for the last 7 years, what about having a nursing degree and doing lab research? I just don't know! I just want a career were i can interact with a lot of people, it involves science, it's always a challenge (mentally), decent pay and endless opportunites. Any suggestions?? My e-mail is Also, I'm really worried about clinicals, I plan on working 35 hrs a week and for four semesters, I just have to take the 8 credit clinical course. Will this and working 35hrs a week be to much. I'm so scared, but what is two years, i keep thinking just do it, two years will go by fast and you can figure out what to do with the degree when your done. I don't want to have to contemplate this for the rest of my life and regret I didn't do it. One more thing, I don't think my fiance would be very supportive of it, because i didn't finish it the first time and he's not much of believer in school, so no support system from him. HELP ME. I would like to have a e-mail nurse buddy to talk to that totally understands what i'm going through because she has been there herself. Also, how come a lot of the stuff I read on here, mostly everyone has such a bad attitude about this career, it scares me. Thanks for reading my blabbing on and on.
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  3. by   hollykate
    Hi Holly,
    I understand a little bit about your frustration with finding your niche. I want to caution you that there is no place (that I know of) in nursing that is always happy. L & D is a happy place, but I imagine many L & D nurses (not me) can tell you some very unhappy stories. Working in research is an option. I know an RN who makes a fortune working as a representative for Miami J cervical collars. She is not exposed to diseas, since she is not exposed to pts. SHe seems to enjoy her job, which involves educating RN's about how to use the collar, who should get it, etc. there is a lot to do in nursing. you may discover that after working in the hospital a bit, your fears of catching something diminished, you may also find an area you love!
    I think we see alot of negative postings because this is a good place to vent. With problems, I find I sometimes see solutions on the BB's.
    I worked 40 hrs a week during my clinicals, It is difficult but it can be done if you want to finish. I tired to email you at the adress, but it came back. Feel free to email me at I'll be glad to email with you and we can "talk" in more detail. If I stay planted here much longer, hte computer will cut me off! Best WIshes, Holly
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    Hi Holly, I love to tell this story. As I was standing in line to take my English placement exam before I started college, I met a social worker. I was planning on a degree in social work. She told me to change my mind because there are no jobs and that she was going back to school for a new degree. After the exam I went to change my curriculum choice. I wanted to just take random classes to find out what might interest me. I was told I had to choose a curriculum of study. My friend who was with me, was going to be in nursing. She talked me in to going into nursing so we could be in classes together. I NEVER HAD ANY INTENTIONS OR INTEREST IN BECOMING A NURSE. That was in 1975. I have been in nursing ever since and I love it. It is what I was meant to do. I have a family, I work full time and I also teach at a community college part time. There are so many avenues that one can explore as a nurse. It is a rewarding, challenging, exciting area to work. So, rest assured that you will find your niche. Or, in nursing, it is possible to creaet your niche. Many have done this too.
    The job for nursing right now is that Nurses must learn to work together, stick together and be a strong and unified power in society. We must be influential in the decisions that are made that affect health care. It is a new and exciting venue. Who would have ever thought that we would need loud out-spoken politically active nurses? But we do.
    Well, I did get alittle off the subject. Best of luck to you.
  5. by   Mijourney
    Hi Hollysny,
    I'm going to be frank about it, because I am seeing so many posts from people interested in nursing but are reading the negative posts on this bb. Nursing is a very complex and challenging occupation as are many other occupations in this progressively fast-paced environment. It is a worthy endeavor if you want to understand the best and worst of human nature and feel that you can make a difference in someone's life. It does have many pitfalls because human life is involved and because nursing is an all-encompassing profession as the study of law is. Nursing is also essentially homogenous as it is predominated by females. Even though I readily endorse nursing as a career option, I will say that if you are squeamish about dealing with the most intimate aspects of human life and the potential risks, you should consider another career option. However, I think you're smart to work as a CNA for a while. This should help you decide once and for all. Best wishes. I hope you decide nursing is right for you.