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I had a PPD last week for an adoption physical and it came back positive. My last PPD for nursing school was in July and was negative. I'm pretty sure I was exposed at a homeless shelter for the... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    A lot of places are requiring the two-step test, especially for new hires.
  2. by   katfishLPN
    Quote from justpoorfect
    This year our college health nurse required me to take a 2 part PPD, the second one week after the first. Is this going to become the new standard for healthcare workers? She said it is because you can be exposed, but your body may not build up enough response to show a significant reaction with the first PPD, whereas the second will be definitive. Anybody else have this?

    I don't think requiring the 2 step PPD is new.
  3. by   bigsyis
    Did you hear the news yesterday and this morning from the CDC? There is a man in isolation at Grady Hospital who flew to Europe and back after having been diagnosed with medication resistant TB! For gracious sake, take the meds!