Confidentiality...Crazy Er docs

  1. One of my co-workers did orthostatic vitals on a pt, and took the results to the doc.

    The doc went into the pt's room, actually asked the pt how long the nurse had the her standing before taking standing vitals. The pt said "about a minute."

    The doc then proceeded to tell the PATIENT to tell the nurse (when she returns) to wait at least 3 minutes before taking standing vitals.

    Now, is this not one of the most inappropriate things you've ever heard a doc do???

    Feedback would be appreciated...

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  3. by   willie2001
    Huh? After 3 minutes the patients system would be adjusted to the postion change or you would be in the process of picking her up off the floor because she had passed out.
  4. by   hogan4736

    I agree w/ your point about the body compensating...I just think that doc was an a%*hole...

    where in IOWA do you live?

    I was raised in Jesup...