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My daughter is in psych clinicals right now. Her assignmnet in the a.m. is a HUGE schizophrenic guy who thinks he's Satan and acts out sexually to female pts. and staff. He has cornered several staff... Read More

  1. by   Medic/Nurse
    SAFETY FIRST. Period.

    This is a "deal killer" and must be brought to the top brass of the school & program and review the issues along behaviors of the instructor - there is NO rational excuse for deliberately putting a student in jeopardy. This - "well, it is like real nursing - no choices, no exceptions" is simply insane and untrue. I am a real nurse and I would never knowingly put myself/patient in a dangerous or risky situation. I would call the calvary, security, MD, everyone - anyone and even medicate to the point of chemical restraint is necessary - but, willingly become a victim with no "choices" - not gonna happen.

    Your daughter is a STUDENT and I think that this will be an unfortunate, but necessary lesson in advocacy. Luckily she has you to help guide her.

    No question - this must be resolved. And if there is any "blow back" - it needs to be openly discussed that retrbution from this instructor toward your daughter will have consequences.

    Nursing Instructor are still subject to the BON of their state - and when their judgement puts students and patients at risk - a valid complaint does exist.

    Good LUCK!
  2. by   BluegrassRN
    This thread is from 2007....
  3. by   diane227
    When I was in my psych rotation many years ago I had a similar situation but we had very strict guidelines. We were not to be alone with these patient and we could not go into a private, unsupervised area with them. We had to remain in the group area. What are her guidelines? What are her movement restrictions in regard to her interaction with this patient? I see the situation a bit differently I guess. As long as she is in a group area with other patients and staff in line of site of the psych techs and staff, I think it would be an appropriate assignment.