Computerized Charting

  1. I had been working at a hospital who used paper charting. I just recently have been working at a hospital who has computerized charting. I have noticed that I spend less time charting, and more time in the patients room. Computerized charting is definitely the way to go. I can be as desciptive as I want, and I am given a list of abnormalities to choose from. I think it is also helpful because we have to chart "End of shift summaries". This way, the Doctors and other nurses can look at these and compare the status of the patient from day to day. What is your take on computerized charting compared to paper charting?
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  3. by   nightingale
    I agree, the computerized charting gives more follow capability for the staff. I have not "used it on the floor yet" because I just got trained so I can not comment on my own usage on the floor. The other nurses though seem very pleased with it too. We also have plenty of terminals.

  4. by   nurseratchett29
    When I worked at the VA hospital in Providence, they gave us laptops on wheeled carts and we were able to chart vital signs and assessments as we went along and that made it even easier. Of course the computers were slow, but it was nice to not have to write everything down and then transcribe your "cheat sheets" into the computer-- we just did it directly. Computerized charting also cuts down on errors and lag times having orders signed by the docs because we enter the note and it automatically gets flagged to the doc to sign orders . Works really good