Computer use in home care

  1. I work as an RN in home care and we have started using computers for our documentation. I find it slow and inefficient. How are other agencies doing with computers out in the field and for documenation?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    We are in process of implimenting HBOC Pathways system...give it time about six months to be proficient.
  4. by   whipping girl in 07
    We used a really crappy system called the Nightengale Tracker during our home health rotation in nursing school. It was a pain in the @$$, everyone in our class hated it and complained about it constantly. It took entirely too long to use; had very limited space to put narrative charting (which isn't a problem with paper since you can always write smaller or use add-on notes!); and it was so slow! I don't know if any home health agencies actually use this thing; if they do I feel sorry for them!

    From what I've seen (at hospitals I did clinicals at and where I work now) I don't like computer charting much at all. Seems to take longer, especially if you need to look back at what was charted previously. At our facility, we chart meds and IV fluids (i.e. adding a new bag) by computer, and often people will forget to chart them, especially PRN/misc meds (like pain meds or insulin for sliding scale) and hanging a new bag of fluids (which also includes all continuous gtts, not just main line). So unless you got it in report, or the nurse happened to address it in the nurses notes, you don't know the last time a pain med was given. I find it usually makes for double charting, which I think is a waste of time. The only GOOD thing about our system is that it generates a Patient Care Summary for each shift, listing all meds and times they are to be given, IVs, MDs orders, scheduled lab & diagnostic tests, allergies and pt hx. I always double check it with the chart, but it is nice not to have to get all that in report; it's right there on the paper for you. Makes report shorter and more accurate.
  5. by   AAHZ
    we have been up and running for about 2 years now. it does have its draw backs, but in the whole scheme of things it has been more decoding md writing is a real plus!!