Community College or Hospital Based Nursing

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    I am in the process of going to nursing school. I wanted to ask any current nurses for your opinion. I heard that hospital based nursing was better than going to a community college, because you do more clinical work at the hospital. Does anyone have any advice? Should I become an RN through the hospital or community college? Thanks. God bless.

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  3. by   csojet
    I would start at a community college. Becoming an RN has lots of advantadges, like being able to go back to school, further your education and work your way up so that you can do things like become a clinician, educator, manager or nurse practitioner. I am a recent grad and floor nursing is good for experience but not where I would like to be forever. Give yourself the option to change gears if you would like to do so in the future!
  4. by   RNinICU
    I went to a two year ADN program, and then went part time for my BSN while I worked. The new grads coming out of a hospital based program have the initial advantage because they have more clinical experience, but I think the ADNs catch up quickly with the experience they get on the floor. After a year, there was no difference between the diploma and ADN trained nurses. In our area, the ADN took two years, and the hospital based program was three. Being able to go to work a year sooner made a lot of difference to me.