Coming To Work Minding My Own Business.

  1. why does it seem that those who comes to work everyday, never calls in, never gossip about anyone that their the ones are bully the most, or are written up for whatever or most likely unemployed? don't the other co-workers get to you. yea right. ive seen more people harassed because they mind their own business, do their job and written up or fired for the wrong reasons. how is it that its easy to say hold your head up high? explain !
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  3. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Sometimes I think it's important to show your goofy side at work and not always trying to be the "perfect nurse" besides no one's perfect.
    I do agree, does appear that the ones who have the social connections, play the political (the boss loves them sooo much) card usually get away with murder. I know when I find myself keeping too to myself, people are wondering what's up with that touchy nurse or so it appears!

    PS. don't take it personally, sometimes work places are not the perfect fit we'd wish them to be...however, I'm blessed because my coworkers rock!
  4. by   GardenDove
    'Gossip' is social glue, it's important to be somewhat 'in the know' I've found. It's hard to keep a balance because it can get ugly. We need allies at work, and cannot be an island unto ourselves. It's part of the fabric of life that has probably existed since the cavemen times.