Cold/Flu Protocol

  1. We're heading into cold and flu season. I work at an Urgent Care Center and I'm wondering how the docs you work with treat people with cold/flu symtoms?
    At our clinic, they almost always do a blood work up...
    Then based on that they'll prescribe antibiotics (or not). Usually they write a script for pills.
    We usually give an IM shot of phenergan if the patient is vomiting and nauseous.
    If the symptoms are more upper respiratory, occassionally the doc orders a "sinus cocktail" IM injection.
    If there are throat problems, the doc writes a script for cough syrup too.
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  3. by   P_RN
    What's a sinus cocktail?

    Unless you have a bacterial goop, abx are pretty useless and give the bugs something else to be resistant to. It's good to be able to describe your......nasal output shall we say- colorwise that is.

    APAP or IB, cough syrup &/or decongestant, tessalon perles for hacking non productive cough. Nausea usually is Phen. supp rather than injection. That way the patient has something for nausea at 3 am rather than having to wait it out or go to the ER.