Cochran School of nursing Spring 2018

  1. Taking Kaplan exam next week, has anyone else already taken the exam? Applied to the 2018 spring semester.
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  3. by   MDelainy
    I took it last week Thursday! Do you feel good about your score? Did they advise you of when you should hear back?
  4. by   FutureRN2410
    I am taking it on wednesday, I will follow up with on my score. Good Luck
  5. by   MDelainy
    Best of luck!!!
  6. by   FutureRN2410
    Thank you, we should know by either tomorrow or Monday if we got in the program. Are you applying for Day or Evening ?
  7. by   lmmatt
    Hello FutureRN2410, so nice meeting you today. I'm so anxious!!! Hope we hear from them tomorrow.
  8. by   FutureRN2410
    It was so nice meeting you as well xoxo!! Yes me too! I'm so nervous it is not even funny.
  9. by   MDelainy
    I initially applied for the evening, but bc I had more than one pending prerequisite class, as well as it possibly being an issue for my acceptance into the program, I had it switched to the day. How about you? How did you ladies find the exam? A lot of what I read on the forums regarding the exam was true!
  10. by   FutureRN2410
    I thought it was pretty straight forward, way easier than the teas exam. The writing section was just awful on this exam I hated it. I applied to the day program
  11. by   MDelainy
    Is anybody else nervous to check their emails?? Lol
  12. by   FutureRN2410
    Yes same here!
  13. by   selena02
    What scores did you all get? I didn't do so well so I'm hoping that I can still get in.
  14. by   kells0811
    i am so anxious i've been checking my email all day!