Co-Workers, how friendly are ya'll - page 2

I know where I work about 1/2 of us are Very friendly. Always showing new tatoos, undies, piercings. Always making fun of each other and playing jokes on each other. Sometimes the stunts almost get... Read More

  1. by   KIWIRN
    I am one of the lucky ones i work with a great bunch of people.
    We like to try and start the duty off with a joke of the day and a good laugh, and it usually is not the last one for the day.

    we send each other mail with silly messages

    Practical jokes galore!!

    Never a dull moment, even the Doc's join in when they get to know us, and occasionally patients can be persuded too

    Patients, casuals and students are always commenting on how much laughter there is about and how well we work together.

    I work in a busy area and often if we didn't laugh we'd cry, but laughing is soooo much more enjoyable. I love working with these people and would miss them too much to leave.

    Keep on Laughing!!!