1. I was wondering what CNA's throughout the state's make. Here they start making 7 and hour at the nursing homes and then 8.25 at the hospital..

    Thank you
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  3. by   chili2641

    Hi, I am a nursing assistant from MI. I only work on the weekends and I make fourteen dollars an hour. I have worked in nursing homes where the cena's make less than eight. I have eight years of experience.

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  4. by   Rileycat
    I worked as a CNA in a nursing home making $9.75/hr for registry with $1.00/hr afternoon differential and $3.00/hr weekend differential (in IL). The regular CNAs made $8-9/hr to start with the same differentials, depending on experience.

    I currently work in a hospital as a CNA and I am in the hospital's flex pool (in IL). I don't know if my wages differ from full-time CNAs, but I make $12.75/hr base salary with 10% afternoon differentials and 15% differentials for night shift. I only have 8 months experience. I don't know if my wages reflect the rest of IL ( I live in a subarb near Chicago), but I have friends that also work as CNAs in hospitals and they make $10-12/hr.
  5. by   Cherie
    I work in a small town in Minnesota, and the wages are actually decent! I started at 8.45, a make a $1 more on Fri. and I get time and a half on Sat. & Sun. So for weekend pay I make more then an LPN that's been at the home since 1988. Only the aides and TMA's get the time and a half (all profit LTCF). So the sad part about it is.. I'm a PN student, graduating in July. I don't think I'll pick this home as my career landing pad!