1. We have a problem in our facility. DHEC requires 7 cna's in the facility on 2nd shift. There were 8 on the schedule and 6 were in the building (plus an orientee, which made 7). There are 2 wings. 4 cna's were on wing one and 2 were on wing two. Two cna's were coming in late. Each cna had their groups and were ready to get to work. The problem was: wing two wanted one of the cna's from wing one to got to wing two and take a group until one of the late cna's came in. Turn and dry them. Then after the late cna comes in then the wing one cna could go back and take up her group. To me this is rewarding the late person (because there group is taken care of) and punishing the person on time (because they have to do the late cna's group and then come do theirs). The don was demanding this be done. I told the cna who went over there to send the late cna to wing one and she would do her group and if she didn't she would be written up. I was arguing with the rn on wing two and was so infuriated (this is not the first time this has happened) I hung up on her and called the don. She was siding with wing two, which has a brown-nosing nurse and gets her way ALL of the time, no matter what the situation. I was told by the other nurses that I am fighting a losing battle when I go up against this brown-nosing nurse. What do you guys think of this? This is a very unorganized facility in my opinion.
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