CNA trapped in InHomeCare

  1. Ok, so I took this job a few years back because they were willing to work around my classes and I got weekends off. They do not pay for any experience that I have to offer, but I still have to keep all my stuff up to date.
    That didnt seem like that much of a problem since the job is only part time and temperary. But Yesterday the boss anounced that all the other care givers would be able to get their cpr firstaid cards if they wanted them.
    This is a class I have to take every two years and pay for out of my own pocket. (which I did in November) When I asked if she planned to reinburse me she said no. That I had to pay for it because of my "other stuff"
    Is that fair? I mean its not that big of a deal I guess but it feels like I am being punished for my education.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    What do you mean by "other stuff"? Are they paying for anything for you? If not, then you are being unjustly treated differently than the others in your job category, even if the excuse is that the new policy was enacted after you had already paid for your renewal. If there are other reasons why you are not treated with respect, I would start to think about a new employer if I were you. This is probably an example of the future and at some point you will tire of being treated unfairly.
  4. by   CrownHunter
    The "other stuff" She was reffering to is my cna and my Ma certificates, as well as nursing school. I am well respected for the most part and I do alot of extra work for them. But it is a small agencie and I think she is cutting back on expencies and although she is trying to do right by others I am getting the short end of the stick.