1. I have learned that I will be attending law school and I am so happy. My concentration will be litigation. I will be studying both criminal and civil litigation. I plan on taking electives in medical mal-practice and also in health law. My question is... Would nurses prefer a RN turned attorney as opposed to a CNA turned attorney and why Thanks!
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  3. by   RNPD
    chili-I would actually prefer NO attorney at all!! LOL!! Seriously, I think it's great that you will be able to have this opportunity. I know we have had our differences, but I truly wish you well.

    As far as your question, I think an RN/attorney would certainly have more medical knowledge than a CNA turned attorney. But I don't think it really matters as far as litigating cases-many malpractice attorneys have NO medical knowledge whatsoever, and rely on expert witnesses-and even an RN would at times need to consult a physician-although an RN can act as an expert depending on the situation. Just don't make the mistake of believing you have more knowledge than you do from working as a CNA, but use your hospital experience when appropriate. Ask for expert assistnace when needed and I'm sure you will do well. Good luck!
  4. by   fiestynurse
    I am a nurse attorney. I can tell you that an RN/JD carries more weight. There are actually attorneys who go back to nursing school, just for the education that it provides! It was very empowering for me to obtain my law degree.
    I belong to The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA), which I joined as a freshman in law school. They have been very supportive throughout my law school and bar exam experience. I also recently was awarded the New Advocate Award from TAANA, which looks very nice on my resume.
    Being a nurse with a law degree makes me a better nurse and being a lawyer with a nursing background makes me a better lawyer.
    Nurses are the most trusted profession and lawyers are the least trusted profession. Nursing is a female dominated profession and the law is a male dominated profession. Somehow, that balances out!
    Best wishes!!

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  5. by   Stacey Tortorice
    Nursing Assistance would make good attorneys.I think sometimes we have better judgement then the R.N.S or L.V.N at times I can tell my charge nurse that this patient would not do good getting up and she tells me get her up anyway do and the patient falls.Do not care what type of a nurse you are if being an attorney is what you want then go for it.Good luck web page
  6. by   chili2641
    Thank you for all of your replys. I hope to practice as a criminal defense attorney but it is always good to have other interests. I will be sure to seek expert advice when needed.