CNA test/examination

  1. I will be taking the CNA examination test in order to get into the LPN program. I won't be able to get in the LPN program until next fall, in the mean time I'm taking classes I will need when I get my BSN. I was wondering if anyone has taken this before, or heard of it for that matter. I don't really know what the test is about. Any help would be great, like how I could prepare for it. Also do CNA only work in nursing homes, or can they work in hospitals too?
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  3. by   tattooednursie
    I just to the CNA test in the end of August. It is a skills test and a written test. How my test went was first the skills test had to be taken in order to go on to the written. The skills test was like you get assigned certain CNA skills and you have to do them correctly and you have to do everything right. Like before you do a task, knock on the door, pull privacy curtain, wash your hands, don gloves, introduce yourself, explain the procedure, identify patient, be friendly. After the procedureput certain back, make sure patient s comfortable, side rails are up, call bell is in place, remove gloves, wash hands, and tell them your leaving. The written test isnt nearly as technical. just look for the most correct answer.
  4. by   Nikki L.P.N.
    I passed the cna exam a year ago. We had to take the written on computer. There were alot of questions(100 altogether) that were tricky but it was pretty much common sense on alot of them. The skills test is basically like FutureRN said. Hope you do good on it.
  5. by   RRMLPN
    here in missouri CNA's are able to work in LTC, hospital's and some doctor's offices... good luck on the examination!!