CNA, PCA, & PCT's >>> Salary Range ???

  1. Whats the ball park hourly for these positions ???

    Thanks in Advance..........

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  3. by   Stacey Tortorice
    Pete depends on the experience you have as a C.N.A but then again in some places that dose not even matter.have been doing this type of work for many years and not making what I should be making.Make more money when I work for the agency then I do working my full time job.In texas where I am they do not even pay their other nurses much that is way their is such a nursing shortage
  4. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I am a CNA in a Nursing Home in Massachusetts and they offered me $8.50 an hour. I demanded $12.00, they told me there was no way they could pay me that and I replied "Well, I can't work for that." They agreed to $9.50, I stood my ground, I WILL NOT work for that!!!!

    Needless to say I was hired @ $12.00 an hour!! With the shortage the way it is they HAVE to pay you, and if they don't! Walk out!!! If they want you bad enough, you'll get the pay, or you'll find another place. Never bluff, if you do, you will always be a doormat. Another tip, ALWAYS ask for MORE than you want and that way you can bargin for less.I believe if everyone did this, nurses, CNAs etc. We'd get more of the salary we deserve. Good Luck!!
  5. by   Miamipete001
    Great comments..........Thanks

    Any opinions on a CNA, in the ER. I am currently a volunteer, in the ER, only a month, and have gathered tons of information. I like the ER so far, and plan to advance myself to an RN,(in school now), and we'll see what happens for the future.

    Thanks in Advance \

  6. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    CNAs are hired in the ER, if that's the area you like, apply at your local hospitals. Have a resume, I think it's better than just an application, include any volunteer work you did. Good Luck on your RN. I start my LPN on September 10th.
  7. by   Mommy3G
    Does anyone know what the average salary for a PCT in collin county, TX might be?
    I was told by a hospital that they do not hire LVN's but you are able to work as a PCT. I was unsure if the salary is comparable. Thanks so much in advance!!