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  1. john residence of houston RN in the phils and i wonder if i can work or apply as a cna or pna II without any cna/pna II certificate while im waitng and reviewing for nclex.?do i need to get certificate?thanks a lot if u can share some ideas and opinion.
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  3. by   RN1989
    Most hospitals do not hire RNs as PCAs, even if they have not taken the NCLEX yet and gotten their RN license in this country. PCAs are easy to come by compared to nurses and there is a lot of risk involved with a nurse working in a capacity that is below their training. Any nurse that practices in a capacity that is lower in responsibility than their license (An RN taking a job as an aide) that person is still held to the higher standard of knowledge and care but is not allowed to do some things because their job description doesn't allow it because they are working in a different capacity. It is very hard for people to be able to work in the capacity of their job title and not perform tasks that only an RN can perform, yet still be held accountable for their RN knowldge and training.
  4. by   flightnurse2b
    at the hospital i worked at in FL, we had a large amount of nurses from the phillippines, india, and haiti that were waiting to take their boards in this country and worked as PCT/Nurse Tech for a few months until they passed them. we also had an MD from haiti who worked as a RRT while waiting to take his licensure in the US. but im not sure how it is in TX. i would call the BON, and also maybe call the hospital you are signing on with to see what their policy is. good luck to you here in the states
  5. by   craveme
    I am currently a rn from england but i am working as a nurse tech in south carolina till i take the board, being paid a bit higher than they normally pay the techs.
    Send resumes to hospitals that is what i did and i am not accountable as an rn, employed as a tech and i do the job techs do, everyone has been very nice and helpful.
    Good luck.