CNA jobs and advice???

  1. hi, my name is brittany, i am 16 years old and a junior in high school, and as some of you know from reading my past posts, i am (hopefully) going to recieve my cna liscense by winter of next year, (my senior year) by doing patient care tech. in my high school. i was just wondering if any of you all who are cna's or has once been a cna throughout your career, is there any advice you can give me? there any where i can work besides nursing homes?
    thanks so much!
    brittany :smackingf
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  3. by   bshaw96
    Hey Brittany! I did the same as you, got my CNA during high school. I still remember my first interview at a local nsg. home. The DON looked at me (then all of 120 pounds wet) and said "Are you sure you can handle this?" I remember being so insulted, lol. I soon found out what she meant! The 2 years I was a CNA was the most physically demanding job I've ever had, lifting and turning people sometimes 3x my weight (before mechanical lifts). There are plenty of places to work as a CNA other than nursing home. You could work in a hospital, some doctors offices, home health, private duty. But most of those want someone with "experience". And there's no better place to get that than in a nursing home. It is one of the hardest and most least respected jobs at times. But soooo rewarding! And if your plans are to go on and get your LPN or RN, there is no better thing than to be a CNA first. You can almost always tell a nurse who has been a CNA before vs. one who hasn't. Good luck on your CNA certification!
  4. by   sissyboo
    Brit..Hey I'm a CNA too...i graduted in 2006 w/ my CNA license out of HS. I got my first job as a Peds Aide at a local hospital. I totally enjoyed the was the same stuff you do at the nursing home but with little people (Im such a softie when it comes to kids!). Anyway...theres usually tech jobs around hospitals a CNA license will help you to get. Home health and Nursing Homes are always runnin ads around here... Don't let the "dirty work" run you off from a CNA license! Just always be prepared to jump in and let everyone who is willing teach you something. Good Luck!