CNA Advanced.

  1. In Va a proposal is on the table to expand certification for C.N.A.'s.
    This new cert would be in adittion to current certification. It would include Basic wound care, Dementia Management, Leadership skills and some other as yet undefined things. It would require an additional 120 class/clinical hrs and 3/yrs previous experience. I have two opions on this and would like to hear more.

    #1 We dont receive enough training already . to do what little we safely can do.. My class/clinical was only three weeks long.

    #2 Everybody is so understaffed that we end up doing things we were never formally trained for anyway. (typical scenario, two LPN's one CNA and one na class orientee on a floor of thirty bad to worse pt's) The LPNS in my facility are excellent and give great pt care giving us as much supervision and help as possible. But still there are only two. They end up depending very much on the C.N.A's who are receiving further medical training. If we are going to end up doing this anyway we should get at least 120 hrs of training (i wish more WAY more.) Frustrated...

    Why cant they hire some injured Nurses to do things such as this ? instead of people who have only had hrs instead of years of training ? im putting in my years of work to have those little letters after my name (lpn) the way its going now what will i have to deal with when im finished?

    I hear other states have these certs already ? Anybody from those states? How's it working out?
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  3. by   Irishcreme
    They have CNA II's where I live. All that is required for the class is a high school diploma, current CPR card, current vaccinations, and registry as a CNA I. I don't know anyone that has already went through it but I plan to.