Clueless about nclex!

  1. I'm in my last semester of an associates program. Where can I find out the dates the test takes place and where? I have been reading posts about it, I don't understand why sometimes the computer shuts off at 75 questions and sometimes it continues. One more thing, which nclex review book did you find the most helpful? Thanks
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  3. by   rachel h
    Your school should provide you with NCLEX information and all the paperwork you need to send to the Board of Nursing. I remember we had forms to fill out and mail and then got something in the mail with a number to call and a password to schedule the NCLEX. It also had all the testing locations included.

    As far as NCLEX review, I had Mosby's review for the NCLEX-RN and Springhouse's review for the NCLEX-RN... liked them both, but as far as the test went, I think you either know it or you don't. You get a lot of prioritization questions and common sense kind of stuff...

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Tweety
    As was said, your school will set you up with the information you need.

    The # of questions you have before it shuts off is meaningless. It could shut off after 75 questions because you missed so many that it's impossible for you to pass. Or it can shut off because you've gotten enough correct to pass. Don't get hung up on the number of questions you get.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Edward,IL
    Mosbey's Assess Test was new (as was the NCLEX) in 1982 when I took boards. I found itto be very helpful. I went to a library with two number 2 lead pencils and my watch. I simulated as close to possibel the actual test situation. Doing this will decrease your test anxiety tremendously. If you use reviews from several sources, you may become test-wise that on the day of the real thing, the test experience will seem very familiar.
    As for passing, if you've studied well for the past two years during school, you will not have any trouble with the content if the exam. Edward
  6. by   Purple_RN
    Hi NYAngel,

    Beside getting info about the NCLEX from your school you can also go to the BRN website. I don't live in NY, but imagine the nursing board does have their own website. I know where I live the BRN website had all the info I needed and you could even print out all the docs you needed to apply for the test.

    As for a good study book. I used 2 different ones. However, one of the books constantly was putting me to sleep so I stop reveiwing it religiously and instead used a book called NCLEX review made incredibly easy. I believe it is by Springhouse (it has an orange cover). It was little more basic and easy to read. It also had a computer disc which I used. I really think getting a test review on disk where it is set up just like the NCLEX is very valuable and probably the best tool I used. I took the exam last April, it shut off at 75 which I was glad because I didn't want to be there any longer than I had to. I found that a lot of the questions centered around priorities. Like you have four patients with various dx which one would you see first, etc. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck,